183 corona patients in Chandpur

The total number of corona patients in Chandpur district with 3 new ones is 183 and out of the new 3 persons included 2 staff of ICDDRB hospital. The other one is an old man from Matlab North.

The information was revealed by the Civil Surgeon’s Office on Sunday afternoon, May 31.

According to the source, 5 sample test reports have been received till noon on Sunday. 3 of them reported corona positive. Of this the staff of ICDDRB is 2 people. 

Their samples were sent to Dhaka on their own initiatives. The Civil Surgeon’s Office informed after the report came positive.

The two new victims of ICDDRB are the wife (37) and the cleaner (50) of the former computer operator. One of the computer operator’s sons has also been attacked before. In other words, 3 members of that family are now affected by corona.

A 60-year-old man from Raipur village in Islamabad union of Matlab Uttar upazila was also identified on Sunday. He came to the area from Dhaka a few days ago. His sample was covered. The report came last night, positive.

With this, the total number of patients affected by corona in the jail stood at 183, and 15 of them died.