16 Indian fishermen held with trawler

Members of Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) arrested 16 Indian fishermen with a fishing trawler from Mongla for illegal intrusion in Bangladeshi water violating maritime boundary of the Bay of Bengal from Fairway Boya area in the early hours of Wednesday. 

Later, those arrested Indian fishermen along with the fishing-trawler and nets were handed over to the Mongla thana police.

According to police sources a patrol team of Mongla Coast Guard, west zone, seized the Indian fishing trawler FB Ma Mongla Chandi and 16 fishermen from Fairway Boya area for illegal intrusion in the Bangladeshi waters near Dublar Char of the Sunderbans in the Bay of Bengal in the early morning of Wednesday. Later, the fishermen with the trawler were handed over to Mongla thana police and a huge quantity of sea-fish seized from on board of the trawler was sold through auction in presence of the officials of the Department of Fisheries. Process was underway to file a case under section-22 of Maritime Law of 1983 against the arrested Indian fishermen and the seized trawler. 

It is learnt, on December-2 this year Coast Guard arrested 17 Indian fishermen and an Indian trawler named FB Shibani on the allegation of entering to Bangladeshi waters after illegal crossing of maritime boundary and catching of fish.