11 detained in Cox’s Bazar on suspicion of being touts

Published : 08 Aug 2022 09:10 PM

A 'torture cell' was found in the hotel-motel zone of Cox's Bazar; Where the tourist police rescued four people including the detained tourists.

During this time, various materials used in crime including domestic weapons were recovered from the scene.

Besides, the police arrested 11 people on the suspicion of brokers by raiding around the scene.

Additional Police Superintendent of Tourist Police Cox's Bazar region. Rezaul Karim said that the operation was conducted in the residential cottage zone area adjacent to the Light House area of Cox's Bazar city from Sunday midnight to Monday morning.

Ifaz Uddin Imon (17) son of Helal Uddin of South Dikkul area of Jhilongja Union of Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila, Abdullah Al Mamun (15) son of Belal Ahmad of the same area and Dil Mohammad (17) of Nur Mohammad of Shahparirdwip area of Sabrang Union of Teknaf Upazila and Satkania of Chittagong district were recovered. Upazila Faiz Ahmed's son Md. Imran (19).

According to the police, among them, Dil Mohammad and Imran are employees of a business establishment in Palangkhali station of Ukhia upazila. They came to Cox's Bazar on Sunday morning and were staying at a residential cottage named 'Shiuli' for the night.

Besides, the other two who were rescued came to Cox's Bazar city to treat their mother and stayed in that cottage for the night.

The arrested brokers are, Md. Alamgir (45), Md. Salim (20), Akash Das (23), Md. Jobair (28), Md. Mamun (22), Nazir Hossain (28), Sekander Ali (28), Md. Sohail (30), Md. Jahangir Alam (33), Md. Jasim (27), Md. Parvez (25).

According to the police, the owner of the cottage named Shiuli is yet to be identified. However, the responsibility of managing the cottage. Two persons named Rahim and Lokman.

Additional Superintendent of Police Rezaul Karim said that on Sunday midnight, a team of tourist police conducted a raid on the news that some tourists were held hostage in the alleged torture cell of the residential cottage zone adjacent to the lighthouse area of Cox's Bazar city. When they surrounded the suspicious 'Shiuli' cottage with no signboard, the miscreants fled by locking the entrance door after sensing the presence of the police.

"Later, the policemen broke the lock as the door was not unlocked, and the policemen entered the cottage. They searched the rooms inside the cottage and found a secret escape route, but they did not find any of the miscreants. Meanwhile, two children and two tourists were rescued while locked in a room. A dagger, an iron rod and various other offensive materials were found in the cottage," he said.

Regarding those who were rescued, the tourist police official said, "The victims were looking for low-rent rooms in the residential cottage zone of Cox's Bazar city on Sunday night. At that time, the people on the road took them to the cottage named Shiuli, which had no signboard, saying that they were offering low-rent rooms."

"Later they (victims) went inside the cottage and found that the rooms were not suitable for tourists. At that time, they found 5/6 men and 3 women in the cottage. Then they took pictures with the women in an offensive position and demanded a large amount of money from the victims. Cash and mobile phones were taken. Later they (victims) were tortured to inform their relatives for more money."

Rezaul said, there are more than 150 residential cottages in the hotel-motel zone. At least 20/30 of these cottages are without signboards. Organized criminals were basically using unsigned cottages as torture cells. 

The police have information about the use of some other such cottages as torture cells. The members of the vicious circle were ensnaring ordinary people including tourists in various temptations.

Additional Superintendent of Police said that 11 persons were arrested on the suspicion of being brokers after raids were carried out around Shiuli Cottage.

Rezaul said that a case has been registered against the detainees at Cox's Bazar Sadar Police Station and they have been handed over to Sadar Model Police Station.