Staff Correspondent
Mountain based French documentary film ‘Zabardast’ by Jérôme Tanon was screened at Alliance Française de Dhaka on Friday, 23 November 2018.
An intimate travel diary of an incredible free ride expedition into the heart of Karakoram Mountain range — the search for one of the most beautiful mountains to ski, Biacherahi, standing tall at 5880 metres. An adventure so remote, so high, so committed that a single mistake could be fatal. During the five-week-long expedition the team goes deeper and deeper into the core of one of the most hostile places on planet, Karakoram, pulling sledges with foods and mountaineering gears, tents, solar panels, and camera equipment across gigantic glaciers. In addition to mountaineering and adventure, this film also portrays the spirit of travelling by showcasing the members’ point of view on seeing new country, meeting new people, their culture and lifestyle.
Mountain based adventure community of Bangladesh ‘Audree’ organised the screening to inspire the young generation on mountaineering and adventure.