Bangladesh-based international organization – Leadsas Global Action (LGA) partnered Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in mid of this month. Founder & President of LGA Sadik Al Sarker was present in the event.

BP Report
Innovations and entrepreneurship have emerged as the driving factors of the world economy recently.
Keeping this in mind, Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (GEB) was arranged in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in mid of this month where 150 youngsters from 40 different countries along with a dozen entrepreneurs and experts as mentors gathered to create an environment for innovation.
Events like Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp have become more relevant to inspire youths, organisers opined.
This became a platform of young minds, successful entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial experts from all over the world gathered in the same place with the hope that ‘Innovation would happen.’
The fourth edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp concluded on December 20, 2018.
“GEB is not just a competition for pitching business ideas. It is a platform for overall entrepreneurial experience,” said Khagendra Acharya, Founder & Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.
“Ever since its inception, GEB has incorporated interaction sessions, expert guidance, and network formation among young minds, entrepreneurs, and investors.” Acharya added that entrepreneurs and investors have shown interest in the ideas pitched in the Bootcamp and are positive about working with them in the future.
Most of the ideas were motivated by the needs of a market, whereas some others were designed to solve certain problems in daily life, according to the organizers. “Drafting business ideas with an aim to solve a certain problem is innovation,” said Parshu Aryal, Co-Founder & Managing Director of the Bootcamp.
The 4-day-long event, which was co-organised by Lincoln University College and Asia School of Business (ASB) in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management, kicked off with an opening ceremony in the evening of December 17 and was followed by team formation, interactive talk sessions, startup workouts, business model formation, business idea pitching, and other related activities in the other three days. Sessions of the Bootcamps were hosted by Asia School of Business.
Leadsas Global Action, a Bangladesh-based international organization also partnered the event. The Founder & President of LGA Sadik Al Sarker was present in the event. He said- ‘‘Leadsas Global Action has always expressed admiration and offered support to ambitious and productive platforms. Maintaining that legacy, we are providing diverse support to the event as a proud partner of GEB Malaysia!’’
‘‘GEB is excellent platform to interact with mentors, successful entrepreneurs who are willing to hear what budding entrepreneurs are thinking of and guide them on the right path to making a successful startup. Talented youngsters who participated from different countries are doing very well here. Their participation represents their country greatly in this kind of International Grand Event. I wish the best to GEB for their future endeavors and assure to support in any way possible,’’ Sadik added.
The Bootcamp also featured cultural exchange. The participants and the mentors (speakers) collaborated in the cultural night to share their culture, personal beliefs and views.