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Staff Correspondent
A quarter of the country’s total voters comprises young people, who want to see honest, skilled and well-educated people in the next parliamentary election.
They want to elect candidates who will involve in employment generation, create entrepreneurs and reform the current politics.
The 11th parliamentary election is going to take place on December 30. From tea shops to the university premises, people including young groups are now in storms of discussions about public representatives ahead of the elections. This young group of people’s votes will have an impact in forming the next government.
They opined, most of the parliamentary members are old age-wise. If the members of the parliament are selected among the youth, they will work more for the country.
Young generation voters want transparency in job sectors, reduction of lengthy process of appointments, and want new employment opportunities.
A student of Dhaka University said, parties that are participating in the upcoming election, should know their candidates, and their position in their respective constituencies should be brought under consideration.
Apart from this, they are also urging for safety during the voting, especially for the female voters of the country.
A new female voter from the same university said, election commission should ensure adequate safety for the female voters at polling centers. At the same time, they should be conscious against any kind of chaos.
Experts working with such young people of the country say, ‘if the politicians do not know the needs and wishes of the youth, they will lose in politics’.
In their election manifestos, they have to give special importance to the young people in the country, experts add.
Convener of the People’s Political Alliance Syed Moniuzzaman Litu said, ‘we have a vast number of educated young people in the country, they now understand everything. There is no chance to keep them in between expectancy and hope. They now want to take responsibility.’
Of the total 104142381 voters in the country, 23055378 are young people.