Recently, Bangladeshi youth have flown our flag high by winning medals in international Olympiads. Auddithio Nag has won bronze medal at the 29th International Biology Olympiad (IBO) in Iran, and Ahmed Zawad Chowdhury bagged a gold medal for the first time at the 59th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Romania. Certainly, it proves that the country is full of talents to make the nation feel proud at international platform. Now, the authorities concerned should also ponder over how such brains do not get drained in the socio-educational context of Bangladesh.
Four Bangladeshi high school students participated at the Olympiad in Iran where more than 260 students from 60 countries joined the event. On the other hand, as a team, Bangladesh secured the 41st place among 107 countries with three bronze medals and two ‘honourable mentions’ in the IMO. Joydeep Saha, Tamzid Morshed Rubab and Tahnik Noor Sameen, all from Notre Dame College won bronze medals each while Rahul Saha of Dhaka College and Showmitra Das from Faridpur’s Police Lines High School earned ‘honourable mentions’ for the Bangladesh team.
In social networking sites, many Bangladeshi, being proud, started spreading ‘memes’ and ‘trolls’ whether they cracked ‘golden’ GPA 5 in earlier examinations or not. The fact is that the present education system has few lacking which can be pointed out in 3 ways that lead to less use of our talents.
Firstly, many bright students pursue higher education abroad and do not return to serve the country because of the job sector scenario as well as socio-political context. In this regard, the authorities concerned should think over creating such a job environment where these talents do not become victims of socio-political barriers.
Secondly, the young talents toil and moil for university admission according to parents’ desires, thus get into a different track far from the frame of their passions. Students’ skills and interests should be prioritized. Otherwise, there is no subject that bring success, rather the passion creates success. Even if the country has less job sectors in any particular field, it is perceived at present how young entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative job platforms.
Finally, parenting makes a man perfect. Lack of proper parenting is certainly a big issue which prepares the talents as responsible citizens and leaders in terms of ethics. At their teenage period, parents can guide the best if parents have the sense of contemporary job market scenario in Bangladeshi context. Parents should encourage the skills of the individuals, and if necessary, entrepreneurship should be supported.
The country needs a bunch young merits to lead our tomorrow.