Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Manikarnika: Queen of Jhansi’ started making headlines much before its release on January 25. A few days ago, co-director Krish (who was earlier the sole director), claimed that he wasn’t given due credit for his work. He also alleged that Kangana did not shoot 70% of the film, as claimed by her in several interviews.
Replying to Krish’s claims, Kangana recently told a reporter outside the Mumbai airport, “It is wrong of Krish to attack me like that. If he is right, then he can go ahead and prove it. Talking to the media won’t help him. Manikarnika is out and fortunately or unfortunately, I have directed the film and have taken all the major decisions. The film is out there and nothing can be done about it. To all those people who are saying that my role has been cut or I have edited a scene, I would like to say that whatever place I have achieved, whether as an actor or three times National award winner or filmmaker, I have got it myself and my father hasn’t given it to me. Get this position on your own. Crying won’t help anyone.”
Boasting about her long struggle, she added, “I started by doing five minutes roles and I have also been kicked out of the films at the last minute. But I have earned where I am today. If Krish left the film in my hands, then it is my prerogative as a director to take the final calls. As a director, it is my prerogative to decide how I want to utilise an actor. And to all those who are struggling in life, they should take inspiration from me. They won’t get anything by feeling jealous or by attacking me.”
Manikarnika has received a positive response from the audience but it hasn’t impressed the film critics much. —Mid-Day