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About 50,621 hectares of land in four districts of Sylhet division have so far been brought under the production of different winter crops and vegetables. Of the total, highest 34,907 hectares are being used for bottle gourd, sweet gourd, radish, bean, tomato, cucumber, leafy vegetable, potato, pumpkin, cauliflower and brinjal.
Sources said farming area for Rabi crops is increasing in the region.
Some 34,907 hectares of land have been brought under the farming of vegetables, 3,131 hectares under potato, 351 hectares under wheat, 3,838 hectares under mustard, 1,142 hectares under coriander, 761 hectares under chilli, 627 hectares under Mash Kalai and 3,029 hectares of land under French bean.
Maize, sweet potato, garlic, onion, lentil, sugarcane and groundnut are being grown in rest of the land, sources added.
Additional deputy director of DAE, Sylhet, Md Altabur Rahman said vegetable cultivation is gaining popularity among the growers in the region for high demand and price.
Growers show interest in vegetable production rather than other crops for more profit.