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The actions and the words of BNP leaders show no sign that the large political party of the country is seriously considering taking part in the national elections on 30 December. And this is why animated debate is going on around the country – from tea-stalls to posh offices – as to the possibility of BNP dropping out of the election race at the last moment on some flimsy ground, putting the blame on the government and the Election Commission.
Already, BNP is harping on the issue of level playing field though no other alliance or party raised any concern in this regard. Even within the Oikyafront, the party is becoming isolated and Awami League secretary general Obaidul Quader aptly said that BNP is now friendless in the outside world. We believe it is friendless even within the country.
Why is BNP shaky about joining the election fray? The treasons are obvious and quite visible. The majority of the people of the country and poll observers tend to believe that because of lack of party coordination, lack of chain of command, lack of good candidates, lack of preparation and conspicuous split, the party is in no position to direct the candidates and its workers properly towards a successful election. BNP is sensing defeat in the upcoming election and to save their skin, they might boycott election and opt for street violence, cause massive unrest, and complain to the international community as the last resort.
The party had played the same trick in 2014 and stayed out of election. They had let loose a reign of terror on the streets that resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians in most horrendous manner. The victims of arson who survive today carry the bun marks on their body. Physically and economically they have been destroyed for life. That decision is now being viewed by the party leaders as suicidal because a democratic political party cannot and must not boycott elections.
BNP, as in 2014 and now in 2018, is fraught with internal feud, lack of leadership, lack of coordination and lack of trust. There is no credible leadership that can control the mid level leaders and the workers and supporters. Tussle for top position in the absence of Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia is giving rise to numerous gossips in the political arena.
To be candid, BNP started its anti-election game from day one of the announcement of the election schedule by the CEC. Right after the announcement, they demanded shifting of the election date from27 December to the first week of January 2019. It became very clear to all that by asking for shifting of the date that far, BNP was trying to create a constitutional crisis. Keeping that point in view EC shifted the date to 30 December and said no demand for further shifting of date will be entertained.
No matter how BNP may try to tarnish the image of the EC and the CEC by putting the mask of innocence, people have lost faith in their rhetoric. They know the party will do anything to avoid participating in the coming election. The coming days will expose BNP even further.