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Habibullah Mizan
BNP acting chairman Tarique Zia is accusing some senior BNP leaders of taking huge amount of money for nomination. But denying the allegation, the accused BNP leaders are making counter allegations against the BNP boss. Referring to the new turmoil inside the party, some political observers opined the disputes may trigger BNP’s heavy defeat in the next parliamentary election.
According to several media reports, BNP has given nomination to over 800 aspirants, which is totally unusual for any political party that is in election race. BNP nomination board took interview of the nomination aspirants. Tarique Zia himself joined the interview through video conferencing apps. Awami League leaders lodged complaints against BNP to the Election Commission against taking interview by Tarique Zia as he was convicted in several criminal cases. Party insiders said Tarique Zia is solely responsible for most of the nomination process. Many BNP nomination aspirants secretly visited London and managed Tarique Zia by providing huge amount of cash.
BNP leader Abdul Awal Mintoo was acting as the main representative of Tarique. Those who paid huge cash to Mintoo, who is regarded as BNP’s bank, got a short message confirming their nomination. Tarique Zia gave nominations to more than 600 nomination aspirants only for depositing big cash in his fund. Seeing the trends, some BNP leaders also started the nomination trading like him. In the process, they provided nominations to additional 200 persons who are mainly financially solvent, depriving the dedicated BNP leaders. But Tarique Zia at one stage came to know about the allegation against some BNP high ups. Later, he formed a secret investigation team that was assigned to find out the leaders involved in nomination business. The team informed him that many of the senior BNP leaders were involved with nomination business. They are earning a huge amount of money from the aspirants. Many of the leaders are using even Tarique Zia’s name to obtain money from the aspirants because it was open secret that Tarique Zia was taking money in the name of election fund.
After getting money, some senior leaders ignored the application of so many dedicated party leaders. Instead, they gave nomination to those who paid them money. Thus they earned a huge amount of money from those persons. Tarique Zia formed the team with his pocket leaders. They informed that many top leaders were involved in the nomination trading.
An influential BNP source claimed almost 50 candidates were given nomination in different constituencies for 11th National Parliamentary Election for giving money to Tarique Zia and other BNP leaders. Some of them had recommendation from the senior leaders. These senior leaders took 5 crore from per candidate as bribe.
When asked to reveal the name of the leaders who are involved with nomination business, the source said that it is directly under the supervision of Tarique Zia. This why they are currently unable to reveal those names. But almost 23 senior leaders’ names came up in the nomination business allegation. They have enough proofs that these leaders were directly involved with nomination business.
Earlier, BNP leader Mominul Haque complained to the media about this business. He was rejected because of nomination business. He submitted his nomination form for Chandpur-5 constituency. He said M A Matin was elected previously from Chandpur-5 constituency. He is hated by the local people. Still he got the nomination because he bribed the nomination board. Senior leaders took more than one crore of taka and gave him the nomination.
He also informed that many dedicated leaders are not getting the nomination because they did not bribe anyone.
Tarique Rahman is very concerned because of this issue. He thinks that such works would become the reason of downfall for BNP. On the other hand, some other BNP senior leaders who are founding members of BNP during the autocratic and military ruler Ziaur Rahman, said they are also concerned that the nomination trading by Tarique Zia may bring miserable downfall of BNP in the next polls.
Considering the increasing disputes over the allegation of nomination business inside BNP, political analysts hinted that the dispute would be escalated further when BNP will finalize the nomination in 300 seats before December 9, the last date of withdrawing nomination papers. Some senior leaders of BNP led Jatiya Oikyafront may not get nomination in their desired constituencies only due to the nomination business. This may deepen the distrusts among the alliance partners. These activities will cause heavy downfall of BNP in the next polls.
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