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Once Gopal Krishna Gokhale, a respected Indian political leader and a social reformer during the Independence movement against the British, pronounced, “What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow.” Similarly what we found here in Bangladesh that “what Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thinks today her rivals will think tomorrow.”
Not a single adviser or politician had advised her to take all the ministers in a bus to go to Savar and Tungipara to pay homage at National Sriti Shaudha and the father of the nation’s tomb. But it was Sheikh Hasina who did that. To take 48 ministers to Tungipara more than 90 cars and 200 people would have been involved. This would have created a big jam on the way and cost the exchequer laks of money. Without a question this was a pragmatic decision and this wonderful example has been hailed by all quarters.
Her latest decision to provide APS to the ministers from government staff is another pragmatic and sagacious decision because in the past private APSs used to get involved in corruption easily. But PM’s decision reflects her zero tolerance policy against corruption.
It is a long practice among our ministers to go for luxury trips with government vehicles. This practice is inherited from the British era in India. It was aimed at creating pomp and show before the innocent people to display the might of the Raj.
People should have known their limits. When they start talking, they forget their limitations. It is like that once a boy who was visiting a village market found thousands of people together busy shopping. The boy never saw so many people together and thought where these people were going to sleep? Therefore, when people speak on air, they should be careful what they talk about.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina got landslide victory and it is her responsibility to run the government and she knows how she will meet her bigger challenges. She has proved herself efficient in making Digital Bangladesh a reality. She was efficient in solving the long-standing boarder disputes with India. The critics just cannot think of the difficulties of gaining support of all the lawmakers of both the houses of Indian Parliament. They unanimously voted in favour of that boarder Bill which never happened before in Indian history. And that was only to express whole hearted support to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
Bangladesh won its sea boundary dispute with India and Myanmar under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It is Sheikh Hasina who dared to go for launching the Bangabandhu Satellite into space. And it is only Sheikh Hasina who dared to challenge the World Bank. So people should keep that in mind when they try to criticize her.
It is understandable that some critics are deliberately trying to create confusion among the people. But it never worked in the past and it will not in the future. People are now well informed, enlightened and they are conscious enough.
Since independence, a lot of time has elapsed in the debate for and against pro-liberation and anti-liberation forces. We have no time to waste any further. We need time befitting decisions to go ahead with the program we have in hand for building a better future for the posterity.
Just after the election held on 30 December, critics have started saying what Sheikh Hasina would do with this huge election victory; how much responsibility she has now and what she needs to do and so on. Talk-show talkers have started to give their ‘wise comments’ on several TV channels. But they don’t have any idea what Sheikh Hasina is, and how she can act at the time of need.