Mamanul Haque Onik

Are you good at drawing? Do you love cars? Try to be a car designer. Do you love to wrench on cars for hours? Maybe becoming a mechanic is right for you. Cars are one of the few hobbies where a passion can lead to a great job. No matter what anyone tells you, there’s no right or wrong way to be a car enthusiast. You can be the encyclopedic type who memorizes every spec or you can be the type who just really enjoys driving well-balanced cars.
Car shows are a prime opportunity to enjoy beautiful cars without having to shell out much money at all, especially if you’re willing to get involved and help with some of the work involved with putting on a successful show. Many car shows are free, while others have a very low cost of admittance; people who volunteer usually get extended access to the cars and the makers themselves, along with other perks.
The people that put cars on display at car shows have often put hundreds or even thousands of hours into those cars. Even if it’s not something that aesthetically pleases you, their car is usually something intended to please someone, often the person making it themselves. Rather than tearing down a car at a car show, look for things to appreciate in each car. That will make the car show far more enjoyable.
Another avenue for enjoying an automotive hobby without breaking the bank is to buy model cars, or even receive them as gifts, and then invest the time to slowly and carefully assemble and customize those models for display in your office and home. An automobile model that you’ve assembled and painted yourself can involve many, many hours of detail work that gives you the opportunity to know some of your favorite makes and models in intimate detail.
This can also be a somewhat expensive hobby, but the cost per hour invested in a model car is far, far lower than the cost per hour involved in buying and selling cars or fixing up old cars or even attending car shows. It allows you to really examine the fine details of some of your favorite auto models and produce a beautiful end result that you’re proud to display in your home or office.
If these ideas seem interesting but you’re simply overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, consider starting by taking an automotive repair class at your local community college. Most community colleges offer an array of automotive repair classes; many offer a full curriculum. Community college classes are inexpensive and usually hands-on.

The writer works at Bangladesh Post