José Mourinho attacked the meekness of most of Manchester United’s players as his team fell two goals behind to Southampton before coming back to equalize, the Guardian reports.
“It doesn’t matter about the system. It has to do with the characteristics of the players and we don’t have many, with all the respect, mad dogs – the ones who bite the ball all the time and press all the time. We don’t have many with that spirit,” Mourinho said.
Exempting Rash­ford from criticism, the manager suggested some of his players may not even be capable of showing such aggressiveness. “If they did not do better than they did, it’s because they could not do it.”
He condemned his midfield by contrasting the qualities that United showed in the brief
spell during which they scored their two goals with the rest of their play.
“In that period the people with the ball made the right decisions,” he said. “They played one-touch, two-touch football and made the ball arrive quick into the two attacking players … fundamentally because we didn’t lose the ball easily. We increased the tempo when we made the right decision and played simple.”
“Somebody said many years ago that simplicity is genius. I agree totally with that old manager who had that brilliant phrase. In some areas of the pitch simplicity is genius. In the second half we wanted to win – the players showed that desire, I’m not saying they didn’t want it – but we needed better decisions. We needed to move the ball faster.
“Southampton were playing for a point in the second half. But even the little chances they created was because we lost the ball. So we didn’t have continuity in our attacking waves.
We had one isolated and then for five, 10, 15 minutes we couldn’t connect with the strikers. That continuity comes when you have fluid football, simple football in midfield.”