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Giving them chores appropriate to their age Make chores a regular part of the household routine and make sure they get done. Raise them with the expectation that they always clean up their own mess.
Rewarding responsible behaviour
Giving gratification when deserved, which builds a healthy self-esteem and pride in being responsible.
Set a routine and adhere to it
Setting rules and limits help youngsters to learn basic skills through repetition.
Help them
To have a check list of their responsibilities, cementing a routine and teaching accountability.
Allow them to act by themselves
Teach the youngsters to accept ownership so you need to let go and let them ‘do it their way’, even if it means remaking the bed. This will encourage a feeling of pride and it also opens them to failure. Adults need to know when failure is good and when a youngsters need guidance or support.
Don’t rush to relieve them from a difficult situation
Youngsters need to learn the satisfaction of contribution and solving their own problems.
Be the role model
Remember, young people look up to you as their role model, so you need to model responsibility and accountability. Always keep your promises and never make excuses.

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