BUET Photographic Society (BUETPS) returned with its signature biennial exhibition ‘Voyage of Visuals’. The exhibition took place from November 1 to 4 at gallery 3 of Shilpakala Academy in the capital.
To exhibit the artistry, BUETPS decided to go national with its first of a kind and a strictly theme based photography exhibition. This season, ‘Voyage of Visuals’ crossed the national boundary and veered into international dominion. After the conclusion of two successful seasons, the club decided on ‘Divergence’ as this year’s theme.
In the spirit of being unconventional and making difference, forging new opportunities and shattering glass ceilings, the exhibition invited photographers from around the world to take on the challenge to interpret the insight of divergence. The key ambition of this was to nurture a different perception, giving both the photographer and the audience a thought provoking experience.
After months of call for photos, the tiresome task of selecting the final set of photos for the exhibition was conducted by the three honorable judges panel of Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, photojournalist, Redux Picture; Tanzim Wahab, chief curator, Bengal Foundation and Ashraful Awal Mishuk, faculty, Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. During this period, over 40 divergent photographs and 8 striking photo-stories from around the world was selected by the panel for the exhibition.
With the exhibition peeking the interest of the audience, Hasan Mahmud Prottoy, President, BUETPS said, “The reason for this year’s theme being divergence is, we wanted to appreciate various genres of pictures. Divergence is not concentrated at a single point. For this reason we exhibited pictures that could diverge into various other thoughts and ideas. Keeping this in mind, we called for photographs from across the world. This biennial is an excellent platform to appreciate new types of genre.”
In the category of photo-series, ‘Imagined Land Cover’ by Fahim Hossain won the first prize. His work included photos of snowflakes on windows taken over time to give the impression of a satellite photo. ‘Who am I-Uncertain Identity’ by Sharafat Ali however, scooped up the grand prize. In his work, Sharafat documented a painful aspect of the Kashmiri society that has been full of violence, suffering and uncertainty with the Kashmiris facing a deep identity crisis, a sense of insecurity and yearning for a life of peace and dignity. In the category of single photo the winners were Udayan Gosh, Mostakim Hossain Chowdhury, Parag Sarkar, Sumon Paul and Md Khairul Islam.

The writer works with Bangladesh Post

Shadman Muhtasim Chowdhury