It is a fairly common assumption that the bigger a country, the more diversified its population in terms of religion and race. No religion should be disrespected and no one should be discriminated based on their faith or belief. The series of events such as the recent attack in an American synagogue which occur around the globe due to religious conflicts and violence are tragic and meaningless.
Those who engage in these awful acts never realize that hatred only gives birth to more hatred and nothing else. If we look around, we will witness that years of dire relationship between neighboring countries with different religion are yet to bring any fruitful result. However, it is up to us ensure that we embrace our indifferences and live together in harmony.
There are nations who are trying to develop a zero tolerance policy for religious discrimination and while it may not be implemented right away, it is better than remaining oblivious. What Hitler tried to do is thoroughly looked down upon now yet there is religious discrimination in many developed countries. The war he had raged against Jews was based on personal hatred and it is astonishing to see that this religious hatred still remains in the hearts of many. Although not extensively, but we also hear stories of women being harassed in public places over their
religious attire.
The leaders of our society can use their position to influence those in their surrounding and raise awareness against hate crime based on religion. Accepting our dissimilarities and putting humanity above all should be the main priorities. Minorities are just as equal in their rights as majorities and nobody can be denied their basic rights. We have to realize and also teach our future generation that everyone is entitled to practice their own religion and that a diversified nation has more scopes for progress.