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Staff Correspondent
Prices of all sorts of vegetables in different markets of the capital have risen by Tk 5-10 per kilogramme (kg) than the prices at the end of December.
Visiting the capital’s Rayer Bazar and Jigatola vegetable market on Friday, this correspondent found that kitchen markets in price levels have maintained a rising trend.
Buyers expressed their dissatisfaction over the price hike despite markets having a good supply of vegetables. Talking to some vegetable buyers, it was known that there is no shortage in supply of vegetables in the market but the traders are illogically asking high prices of all vegetables.
As a result, they are being compelled to buy vegetables in less quantity against the original need of their families, said some buyers.
On the other hand, businessmen claimed that prices have largely remained stable.
It is true that prices of some vegetables are a bit high, but these will also drop within a few days, some traders claimed.
Businessmen in Karwan Bazar kitchen market said the price of broiler chicken has remained the same as it was in the previous week. Per kg broiler was selling at Tk 145, Cock at Tk 220 and Pakistani Chicken at Tk 240 per kg.
Price of meat also remained unchanged. One kg beef and one kg mutton each was selling at the price fixed by the government.
One kg brinjal was selling at Tk 50, marking an increase of Tk 10 in each kg, while cucumber price increased Tk 5 to sell at Tk 55 a kg. Tomato was selling at Tk 40, pointed gourd at Tk 70 and beans at Tk 30 per kg each.
Price of potato was Tk 30 per kg while bloom Tk 60, snake gourd Tk 100-120, bitter gourd Tk 60, carrot Tk 40 and radish was Tk 30 per kg. Moreover, coli flower was selling at Tk 35 per piece (based on size) and cabbage was Tk 40 per piece (based on size).
Coriander leaves was Tk 10 per bunch, green banana Tk 30 per hali (4 pieces), gourd Tk 60 (based on size) and lemon was Tk 25 per hali.