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Staff Correspondent
Consumers in capital Dhaka are very happy as they are getting winter vegetables at reasonable prices in different kitchen markets.
The price of the varieties have come down to a reasonable level, marking a significant fall over that in the last couple of weeks, as supply has witnessed a marked increase.
While visiting the city’s retail market Karwan Bazar on Friday, this correspondent found early winter vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, bean and radish arriving in the market from different places of the country. And their prices were reasonable as supply was sufficient.
The consumers in the market expressed pleasure as they could buy the green vegetables for their families at low prices.
Kaisar Ahmed, who came to the Karwan Bazar Kitchen market to buy vegetables and other items, told Bangladesh Post that due to the adequate supply of the vegetables, the price is low. For that the low income family can buy these varieties.
Another consumer Zillur Rahman, said before the winter season, the price of vegetables was high. During the winter, we can enjoy such kind of delicious food, as price has come down to a reasonable level, and supply increased.
During the visit to different kitchen markets in the capital it was found that per kg of beans was being sold at Tk 20, local tomato at Tk 60, new potato Tk 30, radish Tk 20, carrot Tk 30, green chili Tk 30, cucumber Tk 30, per piece of cauliflower Tk 20 to 25, cabbage Tk 20 to 25, red amaranth bundle Tk 5 to 8, spinach bundle Tk 8 to 10 and radish spinach bundle Tk 5 to 8.
Moreover, eggplants were selling for Tk 20 a kg, papaya Tk 15, parwal Tk 20 and each piece of bottle gourd for Tk 30 to 40 yesterday.
The price of broiler chicken remained unchanged over the week and the item was selling at Tk 120-140 a kg. Locally bred hens were selling at Tk 300-350 per kg.
The prices of fish remained high over the week. Rohu fish was selling at Tk 250-350 a kg, katla Tk 200- 300, tilapia Tk 120- 180.
But the price of Hilsa fish has increased compared to that last week. A medium-sized hilsa was sold at Tk. 650–750. It was Tk 550-650 last week.
Besides, prices of beef and mutton remained high. Beef was selling at Tk 480- 500 per kg and mutton at Tk 700- 750 in the market.
According to traders, the prices of vegetables will increase further in the next few weeks.
Md Hasib, a retailer at Karwan Bazar said, the vegetables price can increase in the next few weeks, as the supplies of the winter items are dropping.