All Motor Driving Training centres in Rajshahi city are being operated by the trainers who have no institutional education as well as any recognised certificates.

Even, the training cars used for the purpose are more than 60-year old and unfit for plying on roads and there is no infrastructure for theoretical classes. As a result, the people who are being trained in those driving institutions are also turning drivers with no efficiency for their jobs.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority in Rajshahi, however, expressed its willingness to take effective measure against those who were running those training centres without institutional training and infrastructure.

According to sources, in Bilsimla area of the city, training centre named Rajshahi Motor Driving and Motor Mechanic Training School was established in 1974. This training centre continued its activities for 37 years without procuring any recognition from the government. However, it procured government license in 2011.

Principal Emdadul Haque Bokul is a registered trainer of BRTA. He is now 85 and suffering from senile diseases. He does not have any license of operating heavy vehicles and he even does not train any one now a days but the institution is running without any with non-efficient trainer.

Assistant Alam Nabi of the training centre was seen to train two trainees on Sunday noon. When asked whether he is the trainer, he said, he occasionally takes theory classes. His educational qualification is SSC and he does not know how to drive a motor vehicle.

Alam Nabi claimed, another trainer named Abu Baker takes the practical classes who also do not have any institutional training and no registration as trainer. They even do not have any experience of driving any mid-level or heavy vehicles. They use a car for training which is more than 60-year old. The car has no fitness license and since the institute has no own field for training, the trainees use busy street for training purposes.

The same scene is noticed at Sheba Mulak Motor Driving and Mechanic School at Fire Service crossing at Sheikhpara area of the city. Director of the school Abdur Rashid himself is the trainer.

He said that he has been training the drivers for last 30-year. He does not have any institutional training and both he and his institution have no license. He conducted his theoretical classes at a small room beside the road. There is only one old training car which is also always kept beside the road because the institution has no space to garage the car.

There having no field of the instittion, the training of the future drivers are conducted on busy roads.

Friends Motor Driving School has been established at a small, rented room of Bhadra area of the city. Trainer as well as owner of the school Kamal Hossain Palash himself was conducting training of motor driving with an old training car from 2010.

He said that his father Abul Kashem used to conduct training for nearly 20-year and now he took the charge of the institution. He also said that though he has no institutional training, he is experienced in driving heavy vehicles for years.

Mosumi Motor Driving Training Centre is situated in Bhowani Ganj of Bagmara. Retired army Hujur Ali is the owner and the trainer of the centre. He established the centre in 2002. He said though he has the registration as a trainer his centre is not registered. He has also submitted application for registration earlier but no registration of his centre has yet been issued.

He said he has so far trained some 5,000 people. All of them are efficient drivers, he claimed.

He also said there was no alternative to make efficient and ideal drivers to check road accidents but due to want of efficient trainer and quality training centre this is not being possible to do so.

Sarker Shariful Islam, Rajshahi