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The country’s leading electronics brand ‘Walton’ has seen huge TV sales, almost double in June this year compared to that in the same month last year as these locally-made TVs were the first choice of the buyers who wanted to enjoy Football World Cup matches in good quality televisions.
The sales of this local brand TV increased tremendously what sellers said was due to high quality of the television to enjoy the ongoing Football World Cup.
Sales of Walton brand smart televisions jumped sharply last month. The local brand also increased the production of televisions at its own factory to meet sharp rise in demands for televisions. Rise in production contributed largely in bringing down the cost of per unit TV manufacturing and riding on this the prices of Walton televisions were reduced further.
Walton authorities said, Walton is now manufacturing world-class televisions in Bangladesh and selling on the local market at reasonable prices. Thus, the demands for Walton LED and Smart televisions increased remarkable on the local market for the Football World Cup.
Earlier, Walton cut prices of televisions by maximum Tk 5,000 during Ramadan this year. Now, the prices were further cut due to the ongoing Football World Cup.
In addition, customers are getting free brand new cars, fridges, televisions or air-conditioners and sure cash discounts by registering their purchased Walton TV.
Walton is offering six-month replacement guaranty, two-year spare parts warranty and five-year post-sales services on televisions, which are resulted in gaining huge customers’ flow at the company’s outlets, they said.
Uday Hakim, deputy executive director of Walton Group, said, the locally-made televisions are now dominating the domestic market. Customers now prefer local brand televisions as they are getting highest standard televisions at reasonable prices, he said.
Mostafa Nahid Hossain, chief executive officer of Walton Televisions Department, said, they marketed more than one hundred models of televisions, including 4K, FHD, HD, Smart and LED. They brought diversity in both the design and the colour of their televisions. Cut down prices up to Tk 5,000. Thus, the sales of their televisions have been jumped up remarkably during the last couple of days, he said.
Maruf Hasan, head of television sales and deputy director of Walton Group, Walton reduced the prices of its big screen 49″ and 55″ televisions. He also said that Walton made a surprise for its Smart TV customers by bringing the Smart TV’s latest platform ‘Android 7’ based 32″, 39″ and 43″ Smart TV at Tk 25,990; Tk 39,900 and Tk 44,900 respectively. Customers can operate these Walton televisions with their smartphone through using the TV’s E-Share App. Customers can also get the facility of mirroring the mobile phone storage image, video and game into the Walton Smart TV.