Wind blows across entire Bangladesh at almost same velocity, but this power remains unutilised for lack of technical know-how. We know ancient boatmen used to take advantage of the wind and set sail accordingly to reach their destination. Windmills used to grind grains and also help lift water from wells. And the modern world is now converting wind into energy via turbines. One will find thousands of such turbines in the coastal areas of many developed countries that are supplying electricity to the national grid.
We are happy to learn that the incumbent government has started to think seriously about using wind to produce electricity. Bangladesh government has started to conduct wind research in different coastal areas of the country. Research is being done at different corners of the country and the findings of the research work will help develop wind modeling which will help turn it into a project to attract investors to investment.
We understand, in this regard training will be required to train up the manpower and good news is Bangladesh Energy and Power Research Council (BEPRC) is likely to take initiatives in this regard. This is a part of the government’s plan to develop and use renewable energy through fuel diversification. This may be mentioned that Bangladesh already has two wind power plants. Now the government is exploring to harness more wind power.
Reportedly, China has the highest wind potential and we have similar eco system as in China and India. Bangladesh has huge potential of wind power in the large coastal areas that can ease the power crisis in the country if properly put to use.
We believe the days of fossil fuel are numbered hence vigorous research to tap other natural sources is the need of the hour. Solar, wind and even ocean waves are possible alternatives that can be harnessed to produce electricity.