One year has gone by since a short-lived yet successful mayor of Dhaka north Annisul Huq left us. Great people leave their marks with their works and the marks Annisul Huq has left behind will inspire generations to work for the welfare of the people. He did some ground-breaking jobs in just half of his five-year tenure to make the city free of pollution and traffic congestions. He was working hard to materialize his dreams of transforming Dhaka into a modern city but death halted his mission. His demise cast an uncertainty over the completion of his unfinished tasks. Many of his projects including a Tk 1,026 crore project to build new roads, footpaths and drains reportedly came to a standstill after his death and Dhaka North City Corporation is trying to complete the half-done works. On the occasion of his first death anniversary, we wish city authorities will give their utmost effort to complete the projects.
Annisul Huq proved that he was a worthy choice of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. With his work he proved that he not only promised but delivered too. He tried his utmost to fulfill his promises of making Dhaka into a modern city.
Annisul worked courageously to clear the Satrasta intersection from the illegal truck parking in Tejgaon. Before him, hardly anyone gave attention to an illegal truck stand, which occupied both sides of a road and caused terrible traffic jam in the area for decades. His most appreciated works included removal of unauthorised billboards, removal of illegal car parking and so on.
The city corporation, led by Annisul, planted trees, built modern public toilets beside roads and modernized foot-over bridges. Before undertaking any public service scheme, Annisul used to consult with relevant professionals, including urban researchers, architects and planners. He also worked to construct roads, modernise footpaths and develop a storm drainage system in Gulshan-Banani-Baridhara areas. To improve the garbage management, Annisul set up many secondary transfer stations at different places of the city,
Annisul Huq became a household name in Dhaka through his dynamic leadership in the corporation. Hardly any mayor or politician is so dearly missed by the citizens. We consider him as a great political icon and a change-maker who must be followed by the next generation leaders. To give due respect to him on his very first death anniversary, we must work to fulfill his vision of transforming Dhaka into a cleaner, greener and less polluted city.