In order to teach the people about road safety and importance of maintaining discipline on roads, the government came up with various praiseworthy initiatives. As a result, the situation has improved, and is much better in some aspects, including increase in people’s awareness. We are happy to note that on August 8, 2018, Bangladesh Road Transport Owners’ Association announced to include drivers on a monthly payroll system instead of the current contractual payment. On September 4, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP)announced that the route permit of transport companies will be cancelled if their drivers are not brought under the system.
But worryinglyno progress has been made so far to adopt the system for bus staff members and thus road safety still remains a far cry. The report tells us that neither the owners nor the staffs of buses are willing to implement the new system. Furthermore, the combined management of all city bus companies under a single franchise has remained a distantdream.It is needless to say that trip-base earning is one of the major reasons behind chaos on the roads. Such a system leads drivers to compete with each other to get more passengers. Therefore, unless the bus staffs are brought under the monthly payroll system, the situation will not improve.
Reportedly, DMP has filed over 2.5 lakh cases on violation of traffic rules while around Tk16.58 crore has been realized as fines against the cases.Meanwhile, some 15 people have died in road accidents only inside Dhaka city. Recently, the death of a TV official when a bus ploughed into his bike in Dhaka’s Jahangir Gate area has renewed peoples’ concern over road safety.Experts are of the opinion that there are multiple reasons for which casualties on roads are still on the rise on a daily basis. The unruly mentality of the drivers as well as uncontrolled speed is blamed for 90 per cent of road accidents.
However, in order to maintain discipline on roads, the idea of Black Box can play an effective role. It willnot cost more than Tk 10 thousand but will definitely help monitor vehicular speed and other movements. Also there is a need to set up an adequate number of CCTV cameras which will help in investigation of accidents in city streets.
Also authorities concerned should train all the drivers up on regular basis.If such measures are executed properly, it is expected that the rate of accidents will decrease and the concerns for a safe road will automatically go away.