Bangladeshi people are becoming more fashion conscious day by day. Globalization is one of the reasons behind everyone trying to stay trendy and updated with rest of the world. Fulfilling the demand for the large fashion community, a huge number of fashion houses or boutique houses are launched every year. These fashion houses do a remarkable job of creating and selling designer clothes made of traditional materials. Most of the shops are owned by renowned designers and most of them are based in Dhaka city.
There are hundreds of small and large boutique houses or fashion houses in Bangladesh. Following is a list of top 10 most popular fashion houses or boutique houses in Bangladesh.
Aarong is the top lifestyle retailer in Bangladesh operating under BRAC, a non-profit NGO which is also a socially responsible organization. Aarong works as a platform where independent co-operative groups and family based artisans market their craft.
Cats Eye
Cats Eye is one of the leading fashion houses of Bangladesh. It is popular for its unique and trend setting fashion. It is the pioneer in design for man’s clothing in Bangladesh. Now they are also working on women’s dress.
Richman is one of the top leading fashion house in Bangladesh and it is popular for men’s wear.
Yellow is the trendiest fashion brand of Bangladesh and is mostly distinguished for its true international quality designs and fabrics.
Ecstasy is a famous Bangladeshi fashion house. Its dresses are very popular among the youths for its modern designs. As a result, Ecstasy has become one of the nation’s largest fashion retailers within a short time.
Rang is country’s one of the top fashion houses and has been contributing to the growth of handloom and handicraft industry of Bangladesh.
Kay Kraft
Kay Kraft is a leading brand in the fashion industry of Bangladesh. It is a retailer and wholesaler of Bangladeshi fashion wear for women, men and children.
Dorjibari is a renowned fashion house in Bangladesh. It has become one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of high fashion apparel and accessories for men and women.
Anjan’s contribution is not only in the fashion line but it has also created job opportunities for rural workers, especially women.
Bibiana is a famous brand for traditional attire with exclusive embroidery and fine fabric. Bibiana has a wide variety of traditional clothings for women, men and children with trendy colors, modern cuts and festive looks.
Some of the other renowned fashion houses of Bangladesh include Sailor, Artisan, Vasavi, Lubnan, Banglar Mela, Nogordola, Shada Kalo, Deshal and Jatra.
—Source: Fashion2apparel

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