Advait Berde
Electric vehicles have always fascinated people with their silent glide, battery life and the sheer absence of a petrol knob. But with petrol getting costlier than aviation fuel and rising overall pollution, people are turning towards electric vehicles (EVs) for a faster, safer and cleaner commute.
Here is a list of top electric four-wheelers coming to India:
Mahindra XUV 300
The Indian giant is not satisfied when it comes to beating the competition. Be it the latest Marazzo, or the now-defunct REVA-I. But now, since EVs are making a grand re-entry, it would be only fit for Mahindra to develop an EV themselves. Taking a cue, Mahindra decided to step in with the XUV300 based S201.
Renault Kwid
Kicking off this list is the French beauty Renault Kwid, which is returning with an entirely new heart. Instead of the conventional IC engine (Internal combustion), it shall be battery operated, hence effectively nullifying its emission. Renault has needed this project K-ZE, which stands for Kwid-Zero Emisiosion.
Audi e-Tron
German speedster Audi is no stranger when it comes to making fast cars, regardless of the segment. Now, Audi has upped the game with the arrival of Audi’s e-Tron, a fully-electric SUV. With two electric motors, one on each axle, the front makes 125 kW while the rear engine produces 140 kW, with the combined total of 265 kW or 355 bhp. The peak torque output is 561 Nm. In the boost mode, the power output goes up to 300 kW or 408 bhp. In short, a silent, electrifying beast of a car.
Hyundai Kona
The most anticipated and talked about EV of the lot, the Kona boasts of a sleek design, futuristic features and a massive range of 312 km on a full charge.
Nissan Leaf
Statistically speaking, the Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric car in the world, as it is the most sold among the lot. Armed with a large 40kWh Li-ion battery which can take the car to 400 km on a full charge (as per the Japanese JC08 test cycle).
These were some of the EVs coming to India in 2019. Let’s see who prove to be the most energy efficient.