Tomato was produced on 3,211 hectares of land in Rajshahi in this year. Photo: BP

Raj Kiron Das, RU
With the advent of winter, tomato, an attractive vegetable to the consumers, has started appearing at different local markets of Rajshahi.
In Godagari upazila in the district, tomato is produced more than any other upazila of cross the district.
The farmers of Godagari upazila of the district are now passing hectic days collecting tomatoes from fields, and selling at different local markets.
But, they are very much frustrated over the prices of tomato as the offered amount hardly ensures bringing back the production cost. Although, the farmers of different upazilas under the district had suffered a huge loss cultivating tomato last year; this year tomato in the district have been produced on 3,211 hectares of land, 65 hectares less than the previous year.
Sources at the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) in Godagari upazila said, a total of 2,650 hectares of land have been brought under tomato cultivation this season in the upazila. In the previous year it was 2,620 hectares. Different varieties of tomatoes have been produced here including Bongobir, VL-642, USA-Nosib and other hybrid categories varieties. The farmers here grow tomato in plenty and supply those in different parts of the country every year, also said DAE sources.
The farmers of the upazila said that they have been cultivating tomato here since two decades abreast the cultivation of wheat and paddy. They had got satisfactory produce with fair prices in the last year but this season the vegetable cultivation is not well because of using waste seed in their fields and there was no proper winter weather. Per maund of tomato is being sold this year at Tk 700 to 1,000.
Rafiqul Islam, a tomato grower of Charasaria union of the upazila said, “I have cultivated tomato this season on 10 bighas of land.
Although I managed to ear adequate profits last year cultivating tomatoes, this year, I am very worried as I was forced to sell per maund of tomatoes only at Tk 6,00 while the per bigha production cost is Tk 1,500. Rafique expects to get additional profits in future if weather remains well. Afzal Hossain, another tomato grower at Bosontopur village of the upazila said that he has been cultivating tomato for a long. Even, he has more of lands but there is no
any interest to cultivate tomato
lack of well seeds and sufficient facilities.