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An amount of Tk 1792 .32 crore have transacted until November this year in the 87 branches of Sonali, Agrani, Janata, Krishi and Islami Bank of Chandpur.
According to Chandpur’s Manpower and Employment Office sources, 2, 50,000 legitimate workers from Chandpur are working in different parts of the world including the Middle East. They have sent the remittance to their nearest solicitors through banks and other agencies.
Remittance of expatriates has changed the district’s socio-economic situation developing trade, education, agriculture, infrastructure and other sectors.
Chandpur Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Abdul Sobul Mondol said, “There are 94 million Bangladeshi expatriates in different countries of the world. Chandpur is now fourth in having highest number of expatriates.”
It seems to be a huge achievement for the riverine Chandpur, the concerned people. However, most of the expatriates of Chandpur are spending labor in the Middle East or Arab countries.
Besides, Malaysia, Italy, France, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and many other countries, there are expatriate workers in Chandpur. They are sending these ramitances.
According to sources in Chandpur’s Sonali, Agrani, Janata, Agriculture and Islamic Banks, 20 branches of Sonali Bank will get Tk 129 crore from January to November this year. It is known separately, 28 branches of Bangladesh Agricultural Bank, from July to November, 15 million taka in 4 months.
In Janata Bank 17 branches, from January to Nov, Tk 283 crore, 20 branches of Agrani Bank Tk 533 crore , In the 5 branches of Islami Bank, the foreign ramitance has earned 832 crore taka.
Expatriates in Chandpur send these ramitances to each of these ramitans through various financial institutions and authorized banks of Bangladesh Bank.
Some banks are only transferring money through a hidden pin number. Many expatriate subscribers send money as personal.
Chandpur District Guardian Bank Sonali Bank Assistant General Manager Golam Mujaddedur Rahman said, ‘The country’s reserve is increasing in foreign remittances sent by expatriates. Employment generation and socio-economic conditions are being developed.
Ali Ahmed Khan, Assitt. General Manager of Janata Bank, said, “Every foreign ramitance desk and help desk of Janata Bank has been opened to provide services separately. The bank branch is committed to providing sophore services in this field.

An Islami Bank official said, “In the few minutes of the expatriation of the expatriates, the bank will be able to pay the desired amount of money to its customer. Bangladeshi expatriates send money from their respective work places through the various financial institutions authorized by the Bangladesh Bank.’

Chandpur Correspondent