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Hair fall is one of the most common problems that we face these days. Experts say that if you’re losing 100-150 strands of hair every day, you should not worry much about it. But is after brushing your hair, looking at the comb makes you cry because your lovely manes are stuck all over those plastic teeth, then maybe you should get a tad worried. But here’s the thing, if you have skin, you’ll have breakouts, if you have hair, you’ll have hair fall. And if you keep stressing about hair fall, you’ll have more of it because it’s a vicious cycle! So if you want to reduce hair fall, stop worrying and take up some simple measures such as the ones mentioned below.
Include calcium and vitamins in your diet
Calcium and vitamins keep our scalp healthy and our hair roots strong. So if you have enough of these in your diet, your hair fall would be reduced. Try to swap unhealthy snacks with yogurt, eat more fish and vegetables and if your doctor approves it, take calcium and vitamin tablets.
Drink plenty of water and eat fibers
You have to drink sufficient water if you want to save your hair. You also have to increase your fiber intake at the same time because these good habits will keep your digestive system healthy and your hair as well. Usually when your digestive system is not right, it can trigger hair fall.
Get enough sleep
Just as mentioned earlier, not having enough sleep can also lead to hair fall. Try to get solid sleeping hours so that you’re not tired, anxious or irritable because they can make your hair fall out more than usual.
Use castor oil
Castor oil is my go to hair oil, I love it and it’s just wonderful. Not only does it reduces hair fall, it also keeps hair shiny black. However, do not use a lot of it and do not use it for more than twice a week because it’s very dense and sticky and takes time to wash off. Use a lighter base such as olive, coconut or almond (you could also use all three in equal proportions) oil and add some castor oil to it. Best is to keep the oil overnight and rinse off in the morning with a mild shampoo and warm water. Make sure to use a good conditioner afterwards because castor oil can make hair tangled.
Go easy on hair products
Don’t use a lot of chemical on your hair and every hair product has chemicals in it, even the ‘herbal’ ones. Go easy on the hair spray, mousse or gel and try to use as less of straighteners and curlers as possible. If you have healthy hair, you’ll look good anyway without having to worry too much about hairstyle and all.
Stop worrying about hair fall
Last but not the least, don’t stress yourself out if you’re having a receding hair line. If your problem persists, do visit a doctor and hopefully the medicines will help. And hey, going bald didn’t stop Jason Statham or Amber Rose from being absolutely gorgeous!