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Recently the launch ceremony of ‘Tin Duarer Kole’, the autobiographical memoir by Subhash Ghosh took place at the ABC Garden, Anwar Jong Road, Ashulia.
Ghosh is currently the Chairman of Associated Builders’ Corporation (ABC) Limited, who hails from Sujanagar, Pabna. He has led an eventful life as an innovative and conscientious businessperson, while being witness to the major times of turmoil; Partition, sectarian riots in the ’60s, the Liberation War. His memoir depicts the journey of an entrepreneur in a war-torn country, who happens to be from a minority community, and in documenting the details from his point of view in flowing approachable prose, the book becomes an important narrative for those interested in the social history of the land.
The special guest and speaker for the discussion session was the prominent actor and cultural figure Aly Zaker, also the group chairman of Asiatic 3 sixty. In discussing the book, he mentioned that while reading he imagined himself as being the author’s brother, and acclaimed the book as one of the best autobiographical memoirs written in Bangladesh, something he believes will be widely accepted as well. He also wrote the foreword to the book citing it as ‘Unputdownable’; while a critical review was penned by eminent economist Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya.
Other discussants of this session were Mostaqur Rahman, Kanutosh Majumder, DN Chatterjee, author’s brother Dr Sujit Ghosh and daughter Srabanti Datta, along with the author himself while Rakhal Raha moderated the discussion. Kanutosh Majumder complimented the book, calling it literature and not simply an autobiography; through which Subhash Ghosh had transformed from an engineer into a writer.