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Despite having met the criteria to be eligible for time scale and selection grade in their job, around 2,650 teachers of government secondary schools across the country have been deprived of the benefits for the last six years.
The status of the assistant teachers of the government secondary schools was elevated to second class through a gazette notification on 15 May 2012. The dignity of assistant teachers was enhanced through that change, but the living standard of these teachers did not improve at all, claimed the deprived teachers.
“We are passing days amid miserable conditions due to financial constraints as we are yet to get the benefits,” said some of the teachers.
“If we got time scale and selection grade our salary would be enhanced by Tk 5,000- 6,000 per month,” they said, adding that this could be a great help in maintaining rising family costs.
They claimed they are moving from door to door at the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) for the last few years, but in vain.
Zakirul Islam, an assistant teacher (Bangla) of Kushtia Zila School, said, “I got appointment at the school in September 2011. I am supposed to get benefits of selection grade three years ago, but I didn’t get it although I got second class status.”
“We seek the prime minister’s intervention to resolve the issue,” he said.
According to rule, assistant teachers are to avail of selection grade benefits for the first time after four years of service since job entry, for the second time after eight years and then the third time scale after 12 years of service.
But, they claimed, those who joined as assistant teachers before 2006 have not been given any of the two benefits.
Official sources in the DSHE said the directorate ordered, in July 2015, its area offices across the country to submit documents of the teachers having service period of 8 years, 12 years and 15 years respectively as they deserve time scale benefits as per rule.
Before implementation of National Pay Scale-2015, the implementation branch of finance division under the Ministry of Finance ordered the secretary of the secondary and higher education division of the Ministry of Education for taking measures regarding time scale and selection grade as per National Pay Scale-2009.
A meeting regarding time scale and selection grade was held at the Ministry of Education in July 2017. As per decision of the meeting, names of the teachers who deserve time scale and selection grade was published on the DSHE website. But, the teachers did not get the benefits.
Mohammad Ali Belal, convener of ‘Arrear Time Scale and Selection Grade Implementation Committee’ said, “Although the assistant teachers of government secondary schools got second class status, they are yet to get their arrears.”
He said, “It is our appeal to the prime minister for resolving complexities regarding time scale and selection grade.”
Acknowledging the fact, DSHE director (Secondary) Prof Abdul Mannan said, “Despite getting second class status, the assistant teachers of government secondary schools are still being deprived of selection grade and time scale facilities.”
“A series of meetings were held between the Ministry of Education and the DSHE regarding the matter, but the meeting yielded no result. But, we want to pay arrears of the teachers,” he added.