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Bangladesh government provides electricity and water at subsidized prices. And therefore, misuse of such utilities due to lack of human consciousness hamper the growth of the country. Recently, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged all to exercise strictness in using electricity and water, and to practice cleanliness in every step of life. Thousands of crores of taka are given in this connection as subsidy, and it is a good citizen’s responsibility not to waste the country’s wealth.
Everyone should switch lights, fans, ACs and other electrical elements off while going out from a room in their offices or homes. Then the bills would be much lesser. The whole country is almost digitized now, therefore no one can temper electricity bills. Within a very short period, Bangladesh has already overcome many crisis, and heading towards a developed nation with full speed.
To resolve the scarcity of water, the government had built Sayedabad Water Treatment Plant 1, Sayedabad Water Treatment Plant 2 and 3. Reports say that more water treatment plants are on the way. Such initiatives are definitely for the betterment of the society and citizens. Now, what lacks is nothing but people’s awareness. The authorities concerned should come up with more campaigns regarding proper utilization of such utilities.
On the other hand, people are very little aware of having the roads cleaned, whereas government is trying at its best to make a ‘greener Dhaka’. Prime Minister even urged recently, “there’s nothing to be ashamed of; you have to practice cleanliness from roads to your home.”
Government development projects are not only limited to urban areas. The ruling government ensures the socioeconomic development of the grassroots people in rural areas. People should not forget that such developments can only be executed when the mass perform as conscious citizens. Even many citizens do not consider the fact that salaries and wages are coming from taxpayers’ money. When citizens become dutiful, socio-economic development would reach at peak.