Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) protested the allegation brought against them by former committee members of the Rajshahi Sacheton Nagorik Committee (SNC). The Daily Bangladesh Post on Thursday published the allegation brought by the SNC under the title “Rajshahi SNC questions TIB’s Transparency, accountability” at Page 11.

The TIB in a statement rejected the allegation of lack of transparency and absence of accountability of the TIB in relation to the sacking of two staff of SNC. They opposed the statement of a press conference where the speakers said that the employment terminations were a violation of human rights and that the dissolving of SNC by TIB also violated the latter’s MOU terms.

The TIB said that the termination of employment of the two SNC staff was justifiably carried out following the Human Resources Management Manual of TIB which dictates all employment terms and conditions of all TIB employees including SNC, particularly ethical and professional conduct. The full authority and jurisdiction of employment related terms are also at the discretion of TIB under its MOU with SNC, and the two members of staff have already completed their employment termination formalities on May 23 in 2018 following TIB’s decision regarding the same. “It is contrary to TIB’s mission and vision to interrupt the work of SNC for any reason outside of its powers,” said the TIB.

TIB in consultation with its Board of Trustees has suggested three options for the former SNC committee. These include former members of SNC should stop creating controversy and further disruption of normal activities of SNC in Rajshahi, according to section 3.7 of the MoU signed between Rajshahi SNC and TIB for the duration of ‘Bibek’ project, SNC can sever ties with TIB independently; or according to Section 4.2 of the MoU, the TIB may abolish the present SNC and form a new committee.

If the former SNC took the first option, states TIB, it would have been preferred. However, the abolished committee did not take the necessary initiative and thus following the relevant section of Memorandum of Understanding regarding the usual activities of SNC, the former SNC has been declared abolished, it was said in the TIB’s statement.

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