Of late, Dr Kamal Hossain led Oikyafront seems to have changed its political course. The resentful expressions and provocative languages by the alliance’s leaders, on different occasions, have left one in certitude that the so-called Oikyafront has lost its self-identity for what it initially claimed to have been born. Of course the Oikyafront politics began transforming its chief political goal — to have the assurance of a free and credible national election to be participated by all political parties except for the anti-liberation forces — to ultimately one aimed at freeing Begum Khaleda Zia who has been serving a jail sentence in a graft case. Now the platform has started threatening the government. To quote Kamal Hossain, he said in a Chattogram rally, “Meet the seven-point demand. Otherwise, you [the government] will face such a punishment that you cannot even imagine.” He also threatened, “… the government is liable for every hour of her (Khaleda Zia) imprisonment.”
However, it makes no sense as to how they, through provocations and spread of hate speeches, could bring in a ‘paradigm shift’ in the current political trends of Bangladesh. On the other hand, the alliance now comments nothing about the inclusion of Jamaat-e-Islami (the very anti-liberation elements) and about turning itself into a platform for a ‘free-Khaleda-Zia’ movement. No doubt Dr Kamal’s switching of political alignment as such, thereby, has had the Bikalpadhara sever ties with the alliance, and these characteristics have largely alienated Oikyafront from the mass people. Because, it pains each and every citizen of the country when they see the demands of Dr Kamal — who still likes to introduce himself as a soldier of Bangabandhu — and his colleagues have got themselves merged with those of the BNP. But BNP’s demands, that polls should be held under an interim government and that the Army should be deployed with magistracy power during the polls, are unconstitutional and thus have long been a debatable issue among the conscious citizens.
Now it is clear that Oikyafront has merged itself with BNP, and there is little possibility of coming out of it. Nothing would be more unfortunate than this if they resort to terror activities as similarly as BNP did back in 2014. Through providing with a platform of rejuvenation to the defeated forces of 1971 War of Liberation and thereby matching hands with the party that rewarded the assassins of the father of the nation during the post-1975 time, Oikyafront has broken its promises, and it might cause it to pay for it. Because, this is to bear in mind that history absolves none.