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Nazmul Likhon
The identified senior officials of state-owned Jamuna Oil Company Limited (JOCL), involved in stealing diesel worth over Tk 1 crore, are now being reinstated into the company instead of making them face due penalties, alleged some officials.
Earlier, the authorities concerned had taken decision to go for stern actions against these organised thugs, said the officials on condition of anonymity.
According to the officials, two investigation committees were formed last year to investigate the diesel theft. And allegations against five employees in connection with the theft were probed and evidence of their involvement was also found. Although one year has already elapsed, the authorities concerned have not taken any action against them. But to one’s utter surprise, that syndicate of criminals is being rehabilitated into the company due to some mysterious reason, the officials added.
The officials also alleged that the second committee was formed with an aim to realise a huge sum of compensation from them in order to restore those organised thugs. They believed the process is a technique being practised for long by the JOCL authorities.
JOCL officials said a committee with five members led by General Manager (Marketing) Mohammad Ayub Hossain was formed on November 7. The committee submitted their report on November 8. They fixed the total cost of smuggled oil worth Tk 94 lakh 94 thousand 644.
The people concerned said at least 10 employees of the company have lost their job in connection with various crimes including oil theft. They, then, questioned the exception of these officials.
In this regard, two opposite remarks were made by the authorities and the probe committee chief.
When contacted, Mohammad Gias Uddin Ansary, managing director of JOCL, said they are reviewing the issue relating to the diesel theft.
He refused to make any detailing of his comment about formation of the committee as he had not received the report yet.
But Ayub Hossain, head of the committee, told Bangladesh Post, “We have submitted our report to the authorities concerned before the stipulated timeframe.”
Among the accused, Nuruddin Ahmed Al Masud (assistant general manager), Priyotosh Nandi (bulk in-charge) and Samir Kumar Pal (senior officer) were suspended. But accused Abdur Razzak (senior officer) and Nurul Alam (senior officer) are still doing their job.
According to the committee recommendation, Nuruddin Ahmed Al Masud and Abdur Razzak each is to pay 32.5 per cent of the total confiscated money. Besides, 20 per cent will be realised from Priyotosh Nandi, 10 per cent from Samir Kumar Pal and 5 per cent from Nurul Alam.
On the other hand, some of the officials are being facilitated with leave and allowance, alleged the officials.
Analysts said this is unprecedented and directly contrary to the existing law.
Sources said, during the suspension period only, an employee can avail of the leave allowance facility. However, Nuruddin Al Masud illegally withdrew Tk 19.47 lakh (80 per cent) from the employee future fund. Besides, he also withdrew around Tk 1.5 lakh under entertainment allowance.
An official of the company said it is an unprecedented case of reinstatement into job on compensation of a person who was terminated on the charge of theft. The rehabilitation of corrupt people will encourage further corruption which will badly affect the company in the long run.
On October 25 last year, over 1.52 lakh litre diesel worth around Tk 1 crore was stolen by these organised thieves. The theft took place during transportation of fuel oil from Chattogram main depot to Fatullah in Narayanganj and to Daulatpur Depot in Khulna by two separate ships.
Earlier, on July 24, 2017, police arrested Khademul, Chandpur depot superintendent of JOCL, and four other employees of the company on charge of stealing 7 lakh litres of diesel.
On different occasions, three employees of the company in main depot of Patenga, Chattogram, an officer and an employee of Sreemangal depot were suspended on oil theft charge. On the other hand, a worker and two office assistants were also suspended in Rangpur depot on charge of forgery in showing overtime duties. Besides, an employee lost job on account of stealing medicine.