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Habiganj Correspondent
Thieves stole money from an orphanage donation box and 9 shops in Poil Road area of Habiganj on Monday night, causing a loss of Tk 2-3 lac for the shop owners.
Maulana Nasir Uddin, Principal of A’la Hazrat Imam (RA) Sunni Hafizia Madrasa and Orphanage, said that on Monday night he left the madrasa as usual but the next morning he found the donation box broken. Police were informed of the matter.
Local sources said, a severely ill patient was being taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning in an auto-rickshaw. On the way, the auto-rickshaw driver saw all the shop doors broken and began to yell. Shop owners showed up and saw that Akhtar Hossain Enterprise, Selim Enterprise, Ma Store, Kajal Enterprise, Jainal Abedin Chan Mia Enterprise, Foisol Islam Enterprise, Nag Pharmacy, Alauddin Store and Akkas Enterprise had been broken into. Money, mobile phones and other valuables had been stolen from the shops.
Habiganj police SI Mohammadullah said, “Locals have informed me of the incident, following which I sent policemen to investigate. Action will be taken as per investigation.”