There was a time when stability meant a 9 to 5 job and employees in general were satisfied with it. These days, however, entrepreneurship has flourished to a great extent, and after completing university, many students now want to open their own business. The environment for small investors is gradually becoming better and more people are getting engaged in creative and self-funded ventures. The government provides regular training and arranges workshops to motivate the youths for self-employment.
One of the positive things about entrepreneurship is that it is not just about making profits, it also helps to create job opportunities for others, which drives the economic growth. A personal project can become a fully functional business within a short period of time. The owner also has the advantages of flexible working hours and a creative space for growth.
The world is becoming more concentrated as barriers to trade are narrowing down and globalization is taking place across nations. Consumers are spending more and also becoming keener on buying newer and more exciting products. This opportunity should be grasped by those who are interested to own a business and become genuine entrepreneurs. Here social media also plays an extremely helpful role because it creates the mutual platform or the market for all the consumers and producers.
Bangladesh is currently going through a period of demographic dividend which means the number of working population is high; 65 per cent of the population is between the age of 15 and 64. According to experts, this window of opportunity would not last another decade. So it is important that policies are implemented, investments are increased and the youths are given the opportunities to create their own sustainable businesses. On the other hand, our younger generation should also concentrate more on improving their entrepreneurship skills.