Ever since high rise buildings and towers have taken over cities, gazing at the blue sky has become a luxury. Moreover, the little space that these buildings used to offer have been captured by thick, black cables which hang dangerously from the electric poles. The cables are usually wound up in coils and they have no support. The narrower the streets, the more area the cables take up. These wires have been cleared off a number of times by authorities but they just seem to crawl out of nowhere and gradually settle back to their place.
Only recently news of short circuit in one of Dhaka’s busiest areas was revealed and when it happened, the lives of pedestrians as well as the repairmen were put at risk. When the cables hang without any support, naturally their weight causes friction and increases the possibility of short circuits. If one of the live wires catch on fire, it immediately puts surrounding buildings, structures etc at grave danger. Transformers are often seen buried deep into the wires which can cause massive accident anytime. Rescue operations are also more difficult when it comes to electric short circuits.
The whirlwind of cables also ruin the beauty of cities and they also cover the designs etc of buildings. The government has already established the use of Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network in some parts of the capital. This doesn’t require any overhead cables and all the wires can be safely stowed away underground. The authorities spend huge amounts of money to beautify cities but the Internet service providers and cable TV operators also have to play their roles in ensuring that these overhead cables are removed and they are never brought back.