Staff Correspondent
“Life visits us every day in many shades. Sometimes it’s the blues of tears, grays of prayers, reds of protests, greens of gratitude and many more, only to make us realize, that it is anything but simple black and white.” Word spoken by Farzana Wahid who is more commonly known as Shayan, that would describe her latest performance on Thursday 6 December at the EMK center. As part of its happy hour session, an evening of musical performance titled‘Between Black and White’ featuring the renowned singer Shayan took place at the center from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
She addressed issues related to women, violence against them and problems faced by couples before and after marriage through her performance. In a nutshell, her songs addressed the black and white issues of our daily lives. Before she began her performance, she stated, “I really want to be open about these things, everybody has to. Men, women and everybody in the society should be open about these issues.”
The songs of the night included ‘Ay Buri’, ‘Ma Janani’, ‘Kichu Bolo’, ‘Shey Tomari Manush’, ‘Ekhanay Shukh Chilo Ek Din’, ‘Badhon’and ‘Latai’. Before singing the songs, she provided a small background on the songs, describing the reason for writing the songs and how she is trying to address and make society aware of these problems faced in our daily lives. For example, about the song ‘Ekhanay Shukh Chilo Ek Din’ she said, “After marriage, we start a new life with our better halves. Both of them starts living under the same roof. Both observe several changes among one another. This brings a different reality in their life. They get to see different colours in their lives. In cases like these we perceive that our loved one has changed, but we as human beings undergo changes everyday and the true struggle of life is loving your better half through these changes. This song addresses this.” She wrapped her performance with her long time hit ‘Hariye Jawa Bondhu’, a song much requested by the audience.
When asked about her night’s performance Shayan said, “This was a solo performance and I was asked to perform here. I usually use my singing as a tool to communicate with people and to share the ideas that I was nurtured and grew up with. My song usually comes in series and today I focused on two issues. One is on relationship issues and the other is on respecting women. The love songs these days have become very limited and they seem to just emhasize on facts like I love you, I miss you and I cannot live without you. But there are plenty of things inside a relationship which we do not focus on. My discoveries are there contained in my songs. This is what I like to do. I prefer doing it with a purpose.”