Jagjit Singh was a renowned Indian singer, writer and musician, famously dubbed as the ‘Ghazal King’. Born into a middle class Sikh family, he was a child prodigy in music; his father identified his talent and encouraged him to learn classical music. After his graduation, he moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in music industry and experienced his fair share of struggle in the industry to find work. In the meantime, he married Chitra, another singer, and together they started singing compositions. But it was not until after seven years of marriage, when the couple’s first fruitful album was released. The magic of the duo’s voice, their blissful romance and the utter intensity of their ghazals enthralled everyone. Thereafter the couple worked both on solo and joint musical projects and performed concerts worldwide. He achieved incredible success through his soulful and mesmerizing voice in several genres of singing ranging from romantic melodies to sad compositions and devotional hymns.

Quick Facts

Nationality: Indian
Also Known as: Jagmohan Singh Dhiman
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Died at: 70
Born in: Sri Ganganagar
Famous as: Ghazal Singer
Spouse: Chitra Singh
Father: Amar Singh
Mother: Bachan Kaur
Religion: Sikhism
Place of Death: Mumbai