(Episode 1)
The telephone call interrupted the UN Secretary General’s dream. A worried US president appeared on the emergency communication screen.
“Please excuse me, Mr Sobatero, for such a late call, but the situation that arises requires immediate intervention by your organization.”
“My attention is all yours.”
The heart of the UN Secretary-General quickened.
“World War? God forbid, no, although in recent months the relationship between the nuclear powers has reached a critical level. The global financial crisis, bloody events in the Middle East, religious problems, military coups in third-world countries. What can force the US president to call the UN Secretary General at three o’clock in the morning?”
“Have a look.”
Millions of stars shone on the plasma screen. And there was something unusual there.
Meteor Rain? Didn’t look like it. Usually, meteorites emerge from a single center, but now flashes follow one after another. Undoubtedly, thousands of large, luminous objects were coming to planet Earth.
“In five hours, they will cross the Earth’s orbit.”
“Are these artificial objects?” Guessed Mr. Sobatero.
He immediately remembered how often, in recent decades, American and Russian scientists had raised the problem of an alien invasion of Earth. And now, shining in the sky, thousands of unknown objects were rushing straight to Earth.
“Yes, they are artificial objects,” the president confirmed. – “They appeared suddenly. We can’t know their intentions, but the very appearance of their presence is alarming. In any case, US missile defense is on full alert.”
“And the heads of the other leading powers?”
“They already know. The NATO partners have agreed on coordinating our actions. The leaders of Russia and China have also been warned. But, of course, you understand, Mr. Sobatero, that now all common actions can only be coordinated by the UN.”
Mr. Sobatero listened and simultaneously notified the UN member states. The President spoke quickly, he even warned about some of the questions that might arise.
“Won’t panic spread in the countries of Asia, Europe, or America?”
“We hope not.”
“And among the military?”
“The alert has already raised the best, most secure measures. There will be no panic, Mr. Sobatero. We will simply announce the beginning of large-scale exercises of US space troops, scattered around various parts of the world. If necessary, we are ready to bring all of our most secret militaries mean to meet our uninvited “guests”.
“Do we need to hurry so? Can we try negotiating?”
“I’m afraid, Mr. Sobatero, for the first time ever, we are faced with a danger that threatens the whole of humanity. Since the discovery of these artificial space objects, we have continuously transmitted to our uninvited “guests”, signals of all kinds, emphasizing, our hospitality, but there is no answer…”
“Lord Jesus… What horror… For what sins?”
Dr. Gregory Robinson pulled a blanket over his head. The bedroom doors were open, and the old hag had started cleaning early in the morning. For thirty years, she had been trying to teach her daughter how to live as daughter and husband. Since the early morning, she had been rattling her brushes and dishes; she opened doors and windows without permission.
“Honey, close the door.” He asks, “Please, Mom, don’t make so much noise.”
“Greg!” She will have nothing to do with it. “Look out the window.”
“What for? I do not want to get up so early.”
“There are flying saucers, Greg!”
Truly a crazy house. Flying saucers!
Grabbing his robe, Dr. Gregory Robinson went to the balcony.
A strip of ocean, a narrow opening to the sky – that’s all you can see, even from the thirty-second floor. The famous Nobel laureate in astrobiology, Dr. Gregory Robinson, was dumbfounded. She had not lied. In the narrow gleam above the ocean and in the sky, realistic flying saucers, bristling with beams of the searchlights, drifted slowly; just like those in Hollywood films.
“What the hell is that?”
“Don’t worry,” his wife laughed. “All news channels have just been informed that our country has announced exercises of all its space programs. We don’t have enough money for medical programs, but we are building big machines, such as this one,” she pointed to the sky frantically. “By the way, you never once said that we have flying saucers in our armament. Did we manage to restore the ships of the aliens shot down in forty-eight, over Roswell?”
“Do not say nonsense, sweetheart.”
“But you yourself see the saucers in the sky.”
“I would prefer to see saucers only on the dining table…”
He didn’t finish. With a roar, three powerful military helicopters flashed through the gorge of skyscrapers. “Aren’t there too many for such a limited space? Oh, my God! How do these things hang over the city?”
“Doctor Robinson?”
He turned with astonishment.
There were two guys in uniform. “Yes, it is me. FBI? Follow you? Right now? Immediately? Okay. Do I at least have five minutes?”
The Colonel studied, with the deepest distrust, the order he had just received to introduce a special situation in the country at the time of the military exercises. “The strictest ban on the use of any means of defense and attack?
Who could come up with this? Unidentified flying objects are detected in almost every square of the morning sky. The air-to-air defense service is completely ready. It would be ridiculous not to test systems under conditions that are close to combat. Is it unlikely that any action is banned? From all accidents, one can’t be saved.”
“Combat readiness?”
“There is a purpose.”
(To be continued)