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1. Judy’s neighbor was friends with her neice and invited her on the holiday sleigh ride.
A. neighbor
B. friends
C. neice
D. sleigh
2. Professor Rinkie told the story but preferred omitting the forgettable occurrance with the horses.
A. preferred
B. omitting
C. forgettable
D. occurrance
3. When they hurried the magnificent conveyance along, they were sure that they would be victoryous.
A. hurried
B. magnificent
C. conveyance
D. victorious
4. The girl displayed distrauht behavior when she found out her puppy was injured.
A. destraught
B. distaught
C. distraught
D. distrauht
5. The somber crowd mourned the loss of their leader.
A. sember
B. somber
C. sombar
D. sombor
6. The mother attempted to mollify her son with toys.
A. molifey
B. mollify
C. molify
D. mollify
7. Rudy beleives you should focus on your children more than on your marriage, due to the complexities of young minds.
A. beleives
B. focus
C. complexities
D. marriage
8. Buying prescents for others is not the most authentic way to develop new friendships.
A. buying
B. prescents
C. authentic
D. friendships
9. Larry flew to India to participate in a pilgrimage across the Indian countryside, hopeing to relinquish all stress and achieve peace.
A. hopeing
B. pilgrimage
C. relinquish
D. achieve
10. The climate hear is inappropriate for snow sports such as skiing.
A. climate
B. hear
C. inappropriate
D. skiing

Previous Day’s Answers
1.C, 2.B, 3. B, 4. C, 5. B, 6. B, 7. A,
8. B, 9. A, 10.B, 11. A, 12. B