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Nazimuddin Shyamol
Chattogram Custom House collected the highest taxes in the last three months, which is a record for previous fiscals of election years. Chattogram Custom House earned Tk 10,443 crores and 70 lakhs as tax from July to September in the current fiscal. The earned tax is also the highest record during an election year.
Sources said, there were hartals, political turmoil and unrest in previous election years including 2013, 2008, 2001 and 1996. So, the earning of taxes at Chattogram Custom House used to decrease in those years. But in the current year, which is very important for upcoming national election, the Chattogram Custom House can continue the growth of tax collection.The growth of tax collection was -48 percent in the 2013-14 fiscal.
The collection of total tax was 23 thousand and 237 crore taka in that fiscal. The national election was held in 2013.
On the other hand, growth was +7 percent in the 2008-09 fiscal and collection of tax was 14 thousand 962 crore taka that year. Growth was +4 percent in the 2001-02 fiscal, while collection of tax was taka 7615 crores. Growth was +4.35 percent in 1995-96 fiscal while collection of tax was 4,814 crores. Chattogram Custom House is going to break all previous records.
of tax collection in the current election year. The authority has already the record amount in the first three months from July to September of the current fiscal, which indicates that the total collection might be four times more at the end of the fiscal.
Commissioner of Chattogram Custom House Dr A K M Nurujjaman said, “If the political situation remains normal this year, the growth rate of tax collection will increase which will be the record of tax collection of election years.” He also mentioned that the import has increased 10 percent from the previous election year in 2013.
Mahabubul Alam, President of Chattogram Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), said, “Despite it being an election year, the political situation is quite normal till now. So, export and import is increasing gradually in the current fiscal and tax collection is also increasing.”
Mahabubul Haque Babor, General Secretary of BARVIDA said, “The taxe on importing vehicles increased.” While talking to the Bangladesh Post, Dr Nitai Chandra Nag, Professor of Department of Economics of Chattogram University, echoed the same as Dr A K M Nurujjaman and others.