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Dr Kamal Hossain’s life is under threat! It is learned that Tarique Zia has already paid $10 million to his long time ally Dawood Ibrahim, who is infamous for Mumbai series bomb attacks in 1993, to kill Dr Kamal Hossain and overthrow the government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
The sources disclosed that Dawood Ibrahim has contacted a killer group to execute this plan.
As it is impossible to unseat Sheikh Hasina’s government through a peaceful election, Tarique has chosen Dr Kamal as scapegoat. And the main purpose of the killing would be creating nationwide sensation and put the blame on the ruling party as Dr Kamal has been waging an anti-government movement, sources further said.
At this point, his plan to kill Dr Kamal is mainly to give an understanding to the people that the ruling party is behind this possible killing.
Sources on condition of anonymity claimed that in this connection Tarique has finalised a deal with global terror Dawood Ibrahim to implement the killing mission with the help of local top terrors.
It is clear to Tarique that Oikyafront led by Dr Kamal, Moudud, Fakhrul and the BNP’s moderate section cannot create any potential threat to the present government. That is why, he has chosen this inhuman and violent path, the sources added. Besides, he has never had confidence in the moderate section of his party leaders like Fakhrul and Moudud. He has his own team known as hardliners. They always choose the shortcut path to capture power.
Moreover, in the recent rallies in Sylhet and Dhaka, the people chanted ‘Joi Bangla’ slogan and Bangabandhu’s name. No one, even Oikyafront leaders, uttered the names of Ziaur Rahman, Khaleda Zia and Tarique.
In Sylhet’s rally, Dr Kamal neither had mentioned the name of Ziaur Rahman nor he raised the issue of the
release of Khaleda Zia. When asked several times, he said that the Oikyafront is not in the movement for any individual’s benefit. Apparently, this has angered Tarique. Tarique found the dialogue initiated by Oikyafront is useless. Keeping Sheikh Hasina in power BNP will not get any significant number of seats. According to Tarique, this election and the Oikyafront efforts will not produce anything up to his satisfaction. It has been assumed by the informed sources that sensing defeat in election he has resorted to this deadly mission. Moreover, he and his mother are losing the BNP leadership because they have been convicted by the court verdict. Because of a court ruling not to amend the BNP’s constitution, Khaleda and Tarique are now not eligible in the party’s leadership.
Since its inception, BNP has been engaged in violent activities and carried out several deadliest attacks like gruesome grenade attack. They have made 19 attempts to kill Sheikh Hasina.
Tarique Zia has been awarded life term jail for masterminding the deadly 21 August grenade attack on Awami League rally on August 21 in 2004, which left 24 people dead and scores seriously injured. He was also convicted in several other criminal cases. Khaleda Zia has been also convicted in Zia Orphanage Trust case and Zia Charitable Trust graft cases.
Due to their convictions in the cases, neither Khaleda Zia nor her son Tarique Zia is eligible to participate in the next parliamentary elections.
Several surveys have clearly predicted that Awami League is going to get another landslide victory in the upcoming elections.
Considering all these aspects, Tarique Zia has taken a deadly plan of launching target killings to halt the next parliamentary elections.
Sources claimed that as Dr Kamal has a wide ranging personal image in the global community, Tarique Zia has planned to kill him so that the current government faces serious international pressure.
The notorious BNP leader thinks that if Dr Kamal is killed, all blames will ultimately go on the shoulders of the government. There will be chaos and anarchy following the possible killing of Dr Kamal. At one stage, the government will be forced to postpone the next election. Delaying polls is a key demand of Oikyafront raised during dialogue with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
Another possible reason for killing Dr Kamal is to bring the unelected government in power. If he is assassinated, some quarters will raise their voices to establish that the Awami League government has miserably failed to protect the eminent citizen of the country. These paid quarters will demand immediate resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina following the possible murder of her political opponent.
It is learned that after unearthing the plot to kill Dr Kamal Hossain by Tarique Zia, government has already enhanced security measures to protect opposition politician Dr Kamal Hossain. Law enforcers are scrutinising the list of the passengers who has recently entered Bangladesh from some middle-east countries. Some killers have reportedly arrived from Dubai using Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport.
Dawood Ibrahim in a secret meeting with the operational commander of the killer group had reportedly elaborated the plan of killing Dr Kamal. He assured that some local top terrors will also join in the killing mission.
On October this year, law enforcing agencies, based on intelligence information, have foiled one militant plan to carry out deadly attacks before the upcoming national elections.
Being informed of the plan to attack Chattogram court, Rapid Action Battalion conducted a raid in Mirsarai of Chattogram and busted the militant hideout, leaving two suspected militants dead.
Earlier on March 19 in 2016, HT Imam, Political Advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, termed Khaleda Zia as ‘Lady Laden’ and alleged that her son Tarique Rahman had visited Pakistan several times from London. He said the country is well aware of Tarique Rahman’s activities and his connection with international mafia don Dawood Ibrahim. Imam alleged, “We have specific proof that Tarique Rahman has visited Pakistan, as he constantly tries to implement the principles of Pakistan in the country.”
According to Wikipedia, Dawood Ibrahim currently resides in Dubai and heads the Indian organised crime syndicate D-Company which he founded in Mumbai in the 1970s. Dawood is wanted on the charges of murder, extortion, target killing, drug trafficking, terrorism and various other cases. He was designated as a global terrorist in 2003 with the head money of US$25 million. He was named number three on The World’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives by the FBI and Forbes.