Staff Correspondent
Popular actor Tanjin Tisha is getting admiration from the audience for the performances in her recent projects. Keeping up the trend, she is going to appear in yet another tele-drama titled ‘Mainstream Prem’ directed by young director Rahat Mahmud. Actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba will also be seen in the drama.
The shooting of the tele-drama has already been concluded last week in Uttara of the capital.
Tanjin Tisha said, “The story of ‘Mainstream Prem’ is really unique. I believe the audience will like it. Ziaul Faruq Apurba is always very cordial and there are many things to learn from him regarding acting. I always try to learn from my co-artistes as every artiste has something to offer which I can learn and adapt.”
“I have earlier worked under the direction of Rahat Mahmud. Young directors step in drama production with lots of passion and they always give their best in the work. As an artiste, I always try to help out the newcomers in both acting and direction. Once I was also a newcomer and it was the help from my seniors that made me what I am today. I wish Rahat Mahmud all the best,” Apurba said.
The tele-drama ‘Mainstream Prem’ is scheduled to air on Gazi TV on coming Valentine’s Day, the director informed.