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National Film Award winning actor Tama Mirza is on a roll, as she has been signing film after film within a short span of her acting career. While doing so, the actor has finally found a character of her liking. Tama told that she had signed another film, titled Jhum, to be directed by Sumon.
The actor is very optimistic about the film as the plot will focus the character she will play. Tama said, “The director and I discussed my involvement in the film right before Eid. I was really amazed reading the story after that. I felt like as I was waiting for this type of a story all this time.”
“The story of the film, Jhum, will move forward with my character’s development. Because of this, I am taking extra preparations to perform in this film. I am really hopeful. Now, let’s see what happens next,” she added.
Apart from this, she has acted in an Eid tele-drama, titled A Love Story, scripted and directed by RB Pritam. Actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan performed opposite her in the tele-drama.
Also, the shooting of Shahed Chowdhury’s film Guptochor (Spy), in which she plays opposite Zayed Khan, will commence soon, Tama informed.
Further, within a short span of time, the actress will participate in the shooting of two films—Shahriar Nazim Joy’s Paap Kahini and Alam Ashraf’s Ke. Actors Emon and Shahriaz will act opposite Tama in these films respectively.
On the other hand, Tama has begun the shooting of Arif’s film, Kathagoray Sharat Chandra, opposite actor Nirob.
The actor was awarded the National Film Award for her exhilarating performance in Shahnewaz Kakoli’s film, Nodijon.