Tablig Jamaat activists on Wednesday form a human chain in Jamalpur in protest of Saturday’s ‘attack on them’ at Ijtema ground in Dhaka by supports of Maulana Saad. Photo: BP

Jamalpur Correspondent
A faction of Tablig Jamaat, supporters of Maulana Jubayer, on Wednesday raised an 8-point demand from a human chain formed in protest of the ‘attack made on them’ at the Ijtema ground in Dhaka by supports of Maulana Saad, another Tablig
Jamaat faction. On Saturday, it is mentionable, at least one person was killed and more than 200 injured in a series of clashes between the two factions of Tabligh Jamaat over establishing dominance at the Bishwa Ijtema grounds on the banks of the Turag River.
The human chain programme attended by thousands of Tabligh activists loyal to Maulana Jubayer was organised under the banner of Sammilita Tawhidi Janata.
Khatib Mohammad Abdullah of Jamalpur Bara Mosque, Maulana Abul Kashem, Secretary Maulana Hassan Ali, Olema Oikya Parishad president Mufti Monirul Islam, president of Itefkul Ulama Mufti Shamsuddin, among others, addressed the human chain. The speakers raised a 8-point
demand that includes arrest of attackers Wasikul Islam and Shahabuddin and banning all activities Saad followers, treatment of the injured, compensation for the victims of the attack, expulsion of Wasif and Nasim from Kakrail Mosque.