Sylhet Wildlife Conservation Centre in Tilagarh Eco Park has welcomed 58 new animal inhabitants from nice different species from Bangabandhu Safari Park in Gazipur. The conservation centre is opening its door to public from today (Friday).

Established in 2012, the Eco Park is located on 112 acres of forest land on the outskirts of Sylhet city, but it is the first time in its six year history that it has welcomed animals and opened for visitors.

This first batch of animals consists of one python, one golden pheasant, two zebras, two deer, three slver pheasants, three macaws, four African grey parrots, four sun conure parrots, twelve peacocks and thirty love birds.

Next week four more deer are expected while a pair of either tigers or lions are to be brought in December according to zoo officials.

The facilities also include a fully equipped hospital for injured or poorly wildlife, but are waiting for a veterinarian to join the practice.

Abdul Hye Al Hadi, chief coordinator of Save the Heritage and Environment, told the Bangladesh Post thanked the authorities concerned, saying that the conservation centre will be very helpful for quick response to protect wildlife from any danger.

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