Chandpur targets cultivation of 7,0 91 mt of sweet potato on 380 hectares of land in 8 upazilas. Photo: BP

Abdul Ghoni, Chandpur
Chandpur has set up sweet potato production targets for this year.
Cultivation and production target of 380 hectares in 8 upazilas of Chandpur district is 7,0 91 mt, as mentioned in the Annual Report on Agriculture and Production Targets under the Department of Agricultural Extension of Chandpur in the year 2018-2019 rabi season.
Chandpur is one of the main riverine points in agriculture for the country. The Meghna, Padma, Meghna Dhanagoda and Dakatia rivers flow over the district, thus there is high production of crops in the river basin.
Sweet potato cultivation is possible in the areas if the farmers are provided loans. It is possible to produce extensive cultivation in Matlab’s Charielot, Char Quasim, Sixteen Boroschar, Borokchar, Rajrajeshwar of Chandpur Sadar, Jahajmara, Lalmimara, Bansagarhi, Chirachar, Fatejangpur, Himachar’s Isnabala, Charagazipur, Manipur, Madhyar, Modirbazar, Sahebbazar and Baburchar areas.
Chandpur Sadar has 130 hectares of agricultural land and production target has been fixed at 2,460 mt. On the contrary, the cultivation has been 80 hectares and production targets have been set at 1,434 mt.
Matlab cultivates 30 hectares in the south and production targets have been set in 560 mt. In Hajiganj cultivation of 20 hectares and production target has been set at 3,373 mt.
In Shahrasti cultivation 30 hectares and production is 560 MT. Farming in Faridganj 25 hectares and production targets have been set at 466 mt. Farmers cultivate 65 hectares in Haimchar and production targets are set to 111.18 mt.
Chandpur farmers are increasingly harvesting more agricultural produce due to favorable environment, transport facilities, technology for production of agricultural department, availability of procurement of agricultural resources, availability of consultation for seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, agricultural credit from banks etc. Especially in Matlab and Hymarchar Charakan, the farmers produce sweet potatoes.
Sweet potato can be grown at low cost and is easy to cultivate. It thus has extensive cultivation in the Char area. Sweet potato is suitable for the soil of river bank area. Its cultivation is possible without fertilizer and water irrigation. Therefore, Chandpur’s soil and climate are suitable for the cultivation of sweet potato.
According to doctors, sweet potato is a rice substitute and has many health benefits. It contains vitamins A, C and minerals, Protein, Carbohydrate, Calcium, Iron which are needed by the human body.