Staff Correspondent
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Wednesday warned drug peddlers of dire consequences unless they surrender and come back to the normal life.
Reiterating his call to the drug traders to give in to law enforcement agencies the home minister said if they do not surrender, they must be ready to face very dangerous situation.
Minister Kamal made these remarks while addressing a view-exchange meeting at Nagarbhaban in the capital.
“Recently 102 drug godfathers surrendered to us in Cox’s Bazar. They promised not to involve in drug trading again. After the event, drug peddlers from different districts of the country have applied to us wishing to surrender and get back to normal life,” he continued, adding, “I want to request drug dealers to return to normal life giving up the illegal business. If you don’t do so very dangerous situation is waiting for you.”
Those who will get involved in drug peddling again after surrender will have to face more stringent consequence, which they cannot even imagine, he warned.
He also urged the countrymen to extend their supports to the law enforces like they did during special operations against militants and terrorists in the past.
We want to combat it socially, he opined.
He said, “Our prisons have the capacity to keep only 35 thousands prisoners but currently there are 90 thousands prisoners in different jails of the country. More than fifty percent of the prisoners are accused in narcotics cases.”
The home minister called for building social resistance to check the growing menace.
“Nowadays, not only boys but also girls are taking drugs. I came to know that some girls even take banned yaba pills with a view to making their body slim,” Kamal disclosed.
“It is a totally wrong conception. Yaba can destroy your brain. You will see your destruction in your own eyes but you will not be able to do anything,” the home minister added.
He urged the councilors of the Dhaka South City Corporation to take responsibilities of eradicating drugs of their respective areas.
“Please inform local police stations if there are illegal drug trading in your areas. If police do not respond, talk to the DMP commissioner. If the problem is not solved even then, inform me directly,” Kamal said.
We will make the country drug-free at any cost,” he expressed his strong resolve.